to increase feeling of gratitude to Allah SWT

     much less we notice in our lives, but in fact it is sufficient warning for us thank the gods. every day I try to pay attention to little things that I noticed was not like when I feel the full burden of the problem I sometimes make my complain to God if God has provided something of a burden. but again I think if I’m wrong. When I was in a terminal and I sat on the bus. I initially sat down and tried to fall asleep for a moment in the morning while waiting for a trip to campus. but there are things that make my eyes can not be covered, namely those who are busy in the terminal that looks at the window.

     First I saw a crowd of merchants which is cool to offer objects or sold on the pedestrian. I think if the trader was not tired when he traded all day? but again if I see her smile even though sometimes the walkers reject it outright. God was very patient so the merchants. then my view on a directional sweeper at the bus terminal, so the old man carrying a broom with her uniform is worn I feel embarrassed because he did not complain he work. he seen look very sincere and honest to do it.

       and my eyes fixed on a young woman who looks like a woman who dressed in a nice office. yes he was carrying two bags made in a hurry and running with a wrinkled face or look very excited. yes it seems a lot Think of things. back in my heart to think whether I would like him to look better living standards in appearance and probably better than sweepers and street vendors, but with a wrinkled face and looks are not grateful? God once again I mention the name of Allah in my heart because I feel like a woman’s office. = (. Not long before my bus path to where the next passenger. And there is a very sad thing that I see on the highway there is a seeker of cardboard and tin cans that really looks sad yes a father with a wheel without a foot board that’s what I see, but his face still smiled as he took the old plastic glasses of mineral water on the roadside. O God, what I have seen this time made me feel ashamed and sad to me. because I do not like the father who looked grateful though his leg and his life so heavy. was accidentally tear me down and I say Subhanallah that is a good sentence is the point to God as there are people who are very thankful I was amazed .. until finally I was thinking back when we couldn’t see things that are around us with a thorough and full understanding of possible we will continue – going to complain to God if God is always burdening us with things we do not like.
from then on I could feel a lot of new lessons and try to give thanks to God if a problem because it may god give it a test of maturity for us and I just know when God might remind us if we should thank god.
let my friends try to notice what is around us maybe it can increase our gratitude to God Almighty.


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